Solar Panel Cleaning
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Get your solar panels cleaned.

Western Australian has plenty of sunny days to produce solar power, but this could be wasted if your solar panels aren’t operating at their maximum potential. We’ll clean your solar panels using a pure water system. This means there’s no soaps or detergents — a formula specifically designed for cleaning without causing any damage to the panels.

Unlike other companies, we don’t use an old brush and some soap. We’ve invested in the best equipment, designed to perfectly clean panels so they can run at their full potential, guaranteed. If your property is on water tanks, no problem. With our system, we don’t use any dangerous chemicals, giving you peace of mind that your drinking water is left perfectly safe.

When looking for professional gutter & solar panel cleaners, look for a company that:

  • Offers a free no obligation quote.
  • Is fully insured and has fully licensed employees. 
  • Works at heights qualified.
  • Uses only the best equipment.
  • Cleans without harsh chemicals. 

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Gutter & Solar Panel cleaning service

Gutter cleaning guys offer booking online service for your convenience. We accept all forms of payment Visa, Mastercard , Zip Pay or we can send you an invoice to pay online using bank transfer or visa, Mastercard.


8am – 11am, 11am – 2pm, and 2pm – 4pm.

Booking times are estimates only. We’ll always do our best to be on time, but sometimes we’re held up at previous jobs. If this happens, we’ll contact you with an updated timeframe.